Uses of Timber

Timber is used for the following works:
1. For heavy construction works like columns, trusses, piles.
2. For light construction works like doors, windows, flooring and roofing.
3. For other permanent works like for railway sleepers, fencing poles, electric poles and gates.
4. For temporary works in construction like scaffolding, centering, shoring and strutting, packing of materials.
5. For decorative works like showcases and furnitures.
6. For body works of buses, lorries, trains and boats
7. For industrial uses like pulps (used in making papers), card boards, wall papers
8. For making sports goods and musical instruments.

3 thoughts on “Uses of Timber”

  1. Now I really know many uses for structural timber such as decorated furniture, support in houses, and even fencing work. I’m looking this material up because I’m planning for the construction of my new home next year. I want to be able to buy materials that are within my budget yet still of quality.

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