ASD versus LRFD

results in lighter or shallower members. For example, LRFD will typically result in material savings in the range of 10 to […]

Castellated Beams

A special fabrication technique is applied to wide-flange shapes to produce castellated beams. This technique consists of cutting the web

Staggered Trusses

In an effort to provide a structural-steel framing system with a minimum floor-to- floor height for multistory residential construction, the staggered


The primary advantage of the stub-girder system is that it provides ample space for routing mechanical ductwork throughout a floor


When relatively long spans are involved, trusses are frequently selected for the floor-framing system. As for open-web joists, mechanical ductwork can

Lightweight Steel Framing

Cold-formed steel structural members can provide an extremely lightweight floor framing system. These members, usually C or Z shapes, are normally

Open-Web Joists

Although more frequently used for moderate- to long-span roof framing, open-web steel joists (Fig. 8.17) are sometimes used for floor framing

Rolled Shapes

Hot-rolled, wide-flange steel shapes are the most commonly used members for multistory steel-framed construction. These shapes, which are relatively simple

Gypsum-Concrete Decks

Poured gypsum concrete is typically used in conjunction with steel bulb tees, formboards, and galvanized reinforcing mesh (Fig. 8.14). Drainage

Wood-Fiber Planks

Planks formed of wood fibers bonded with portland cement provide a lightweight roof deck with insulating and acoustical properties. The typical

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