Cost Effective Construction Techniques In Mass Housing Schemes

Large per cent of the population of India is residing in temporary houses of mud, bamboo, thatched or erected from waste products in a very crude form. The temporary houses (Jhuggi) are not only unsafe but unhygenic to live in. Government of India and all state governments in India are aware of this massive problem and hence have established housing boards for development of housing sites and mass  housing policy emphasises on the following:

1. Arrangement for selection and promotion of proven technology.
2. Promotion of manufacture of building materials and components through financial assistance, technical help, fiscal concessions.
3. Support extensive network of building centres.
4. Setting up of dedicated organization for technology, research, application and promotion concerning the following areas:

(a) Building materials and components.
(b) Selective approach to technology.
(c) Marketing through building centres.
(d) Franchising of the building centres.
(e) Development of appropriate standards.
As a result of this housing policy, a lot of fund flows to educational institutions and research centres for developing low cost housing technology, establishment of Nirmithi Kendras and good number of mass housing works coming under Ashraya Yojana.

0.1 Minimum Standards
0.2 Approach to Cost Effective Mass Housing Schemes
0.3 Cost Effective Construction Techniques

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