Disaster Resistant Building

Disaster means occurrence of uncontrolled, painful and serious conditions. There are various natural disasters like:
Volcanic eruptions
Tsunami (a long high sea wave generated by an earthquake)
Earthquakes, cyclone and fire needs special considerations in building design and construction since they are more frequent, widespread and more disastrous. In this chapter this aspect of building design and constructions are discussed.

Disaster Resistant Buildings

20.1 Earthquakes Resistant Buildings
20.2 Types of Earthquakes
20.3 Terminology
20.4 Magnitude and Intensity
20.5 Seismograph
20.6 I.S: Codes on Earthquake Resistant Building Design
20.7 Improving Earthquake Resistance of Small Buildings
20.8 Improving Earthquake Resistance of Tall Buildings
20.9 Cyclone Resistant Buildings
20.10 Fire Resistant Building

Disaster Management and Planning

21.1 Disaster Prevention Strategy
21.2 Early Warning System
21.3 Disaster Preparedness
21.4 Disaster Mitigation
21.5 Disaster Rescue and Relief Measures
21.6 Disaster Resettlement, Rehabilitation and Reconstruction

Indian Standard Codes

22.1 IS Codes for Building Design
22.2 IS Codes for Building Materials and Construction

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