Properties of Structural Steels and Effects of Steelmaking and Fabrication

—–1.1. Structural Steel Shapes and Plates
—–1.2. Steel-Quality Designations
—–1.3. Relative Cost of Structural Steels
—–1.4. Steel Sheet and Strip for Structural Applications
—–1.5. Tubing for Structural Applications
—–1.6. Steel Cable for Structural Applications
—–1.7. Tensile Properties
—–1.8. Properties in Shear
—–1.9. Hardness Tests

—–1.10. Effect of Cold Work on Tensile Properties
—–1.11. Effect of Strain Rate on Tensile Properties
—–1.12. Effect of Elevated Temperatures on Tensile Properties
—–1.13. Fatigue
—–1.14. Brittle Fracture
—–1.15. Residual Stresses
—–1.16. Lamellar Tearing
—–1.17. Welded Splices in Heavy Sections
—–1.18. k-Area Cracking
—–1.19. Variations in Mechanical Properties
—–1.20. Changes in Carbon Steels on Heating and Cooling
—–1.21. Effects of Grain Size
—–1.22. Annealing and Normalizing
—–1.23. Effects of Chemistry on Steel Properties
—–1.24. Steelmaking Methods
—–1.25. Casting and Hot Rolling
—–1.26. Effects of Punching Holes and Shearing
—–1.27. Effects of Welding
—–1.28. Effects of Thermal Cutting