Cold-Formed Steel Design

This section presents information on the design of structural members that are cold-formed to cross section shape from sheet steels. Cold-formed steel members include such products as purlins and girts for the construction of metal buildings, studs and joists for light commercial and residential construction, supports for curtain wall systems, formed deck for the construction of floors and roofs, standing seam roof systems, and a myriad of other products. These products have enjoyed significant growth in recent years and are frequently utilized in some shape or form in many projects today. Attributes such as strength, light weight,  versatility, non-combustibility, and ease of production, make them cost effective in many applications. Figure 10.1 shows cross sections of typical products.

0.1. Design Specifications and Materials
0.2. Manufacturing Methods and Effects
0.3. Nominal Loads
0.4. Design Methods
0.5. Section Property Calculations
0.6. Effective Width Concept
0.7. Maximum Width-to-Thickness Ratios
0.8. Effective Widths of Stiffened Elements
0.9. Effective Widths of Unstiffened Elements
0.10. Effective Widths of Uniformly Compressed Elements with Edge Stiffener
0.11. Tension Members
0.12. Flexural Members
0.13. Concentrically Loaded Compression Members
0.14. Combined Tensile Axial Load and Bending
0.15. Combined Compressive Axial Load and Bending
0.16. Cylindrical Tubular Members
0.17. Welded Connections
0.18. Bolted Connections
0.19. Screw Connections
0.20. Other Limit States at Connections
0.21. Wall Stud Assemblies
0.22. Example of Effective Section Calculation
0.23. Example of Bending Strength Calculation

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