Plumbing Water-Supply, Sprinkler, and Wastewater Systems

This section treats the major subsystems for conveyance of liquids and gases in pipes within a building. The pipes generally extend beyond the building walls to a supply source or a disposal means, such as a sewer.

4.1 Plumbing and Fire Prevention Codes
4.2 Health Requirements for Plumbing
4.3 Water Quality
4.4 Water Treatment
4.5 Water Quantity and Pressures
4.6 Water Distribution in Buildings
4.7 Plumbing Fixtures and Equipment
4.8 Water Demand and Fixture Units
4.9 Water-Pipe Sizing
4.10 Domestic Water Heaters
4.11 Wastewater Disposal
4.12 Sewers
4.13 Wastewater-System Elements
4.14 Waste-Pipe Materials
4.15 Layout of Waste Piping
4.16 Interceptors
4.17 Piping for Indirect Wastes
4.18 Rainwater Drainage
4.19 Waste-Pipe Sizing
4.20 Venting
4.21 Plumbing-System Inspection and Tests
4.22 Gas Supply
4.23 Gas-Pipe Sizes
4.24 Estimating Gas Consumption
4.25 Gas-Pipe Materials
4.26 Sprinkler Systems
4.27 Automatic Sprinklers
4.28 Types of Sprinkler Systems
4.29 Pipe System Design
4.30 Standpipes
4.31 Water Supplies for Sprinkler and Standpipe Systems
4.32 Central Station Supervisory Systems
4.33 Additional Information

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