1. Introduction to Assessment of Seismic Hazard of Territory
2. Assessment of seismic hazard. General and detailed seismic zoning
2.1. Seismogeological method
2.2. Seismotectonical methods
2.3. Seismostructural method
2.4. Tektonophysical method
2.5. Method of allocating quasihomogeneous zones
2.6. Method of seismoactive nodes
2.7. Paleoseismological method
2.8. Detailed seismic zoning
2.8.1. Definition of earthquake sources
2.8.2. Definition of reoccurrence characteristics
2.8.3. Estimation of earthquake effect
2.8.4. Determination of hazard
3. Seismic microzonation of territory
3.1. Instrumental method of seismic microzonation
3.2. Calculational method of seismic microzonation
3.3. Instrumental-calculational method of seismic microzonation
3.4. Relief influence on the earthquake intensity in SMZ problems
3.5. Seismic microzonation of Vladikavkaz city
4. Specified seismic fault and design seismic motion