Method of seismoactive nodes

Structural refinement of earthquakes has allowed to V.M.Reiman at the turn of the 50 ‘s and 60’s to make an idea using the Central Asian material of disjunctive nodes in which the strong earthquakes concentrate or sejsmogenetic nodes. Later became actively used the term the seismically active sites. The best method was developed by E.Y. Rantsman (Rantsman , 1979), which extended the scheme to many orogenetic regions of the world. E.Y. Rantsman links with sites the earthquakes epicenters, stressing that “the earthquakes focuses can reach hundreds of miles away and go far beyond the morfostructural nodes”. To classify the structures of seismicity was proposed the complex system of formalized criteria (distance from the edges of the site, type of terrain, maximum height, and area of friable deposits) and mathematical apparatus. Study of seismogenerating structures made it possible to include cross rises in the number of structures that make up the nodes (Nesmeyanov, Barkhatov, 1978).

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