Bridge Works

1. Under what situation shall engineers use jacking at one end only and from both ends in prestressing work?
2. What is preset during installation of bridge bearings?
3. In incremental launching method of bridge construction, what are the measures adopted to enhance sufficient resistance of the superstructure during the launching process?
4. In bridge widening projects, the method of stitching is normally employed for connecting existing deck to the new deck. What are the problems associated with this method in terms of shrinkage of concrete?
5. What are the advantages of assigning the central pier and the abutment as fixed piers?
6. Sometimes the side of concrete bridges is observed to turn black in colour. What is the reason for this phenomenon?
7. In prestressing work, if more than one wire or strand is included in the same duct, why should all wires/strands be stressed at the same time?
8. In the design of elastomeric bearings, why are steel plates inserted inside the bearings?
9. How to determine the size of elastomeric bearings?
10. In a curved prestressed bridge, how should the guided bearings in piers of the curved region be oriented with respect to the fixed bearing in abutment?
11. In the construction of a two-span bridge (span length = L) by using span-by-span construction, why is a length of about 1.25L bridge segment is constructed in the first phase of construction?
12. What are the advantages of piers constructed monolithically with the bridge deck over usage of bearings?
13. Are diaphragms necessary in the design of concrete box girder bridges?
14. What is the advantage of sliding bearings over roller bearings?
15. What are the three major types of reinforcement used in prestressing?
16. Why is the span length ratio of end span/approach span to its neighboring inner spans usually about 0.75?
17. In the design of a simply supported skew bridge, which direction of reinforcement should be provided?
18. What are the functions of grout inside tendon ducts?
19. What is the consideration in selecting the orientation of wing walls in the design of bridge abutments?
20. In joints of precast concrete bridge segments, what are the functions of applying epoxy adhesive?
22. What are the shortcomings of grillage analysis which is commonly used in
structural analysis of bridges?

23. Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is commonly used in sliding bearings. Why?

24. Should raking piles of a bridge abutment be placed under an embankment?
25. How do engineer determine the number of cells for concrete box girder bridges?
26. What is sucker deck principle for variable depth bridge decks?

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