Weight, Mass, and Volume Relationships of soil

In an engineering context, soil comprises three components: solid particles, water, and air. Many problems in soil mechanics and construction quality control involve making calculations and communicating information regarding the relative proportions of these components and the volumes they occupy, individually or in combination. Given some known values of mass, weight, volume, or density (or relationships among them), it is often necessary to calculate other values. This section defines the terms commonly used in geotechnical engineering to describe such relationships and provides worked examples of typical calculations.
The Phase Diagram of soil
Volume Relationships of soil
Weight and Mass Relationships of soil
Unit Weight of soil
Density of soil
Specific Gravity of soil
Conversion of Unit Weight and Density of soil
WeightVolume Problems Involving Defined Quantities of soil
Soil problems Weight, Mass, Volume
WeightVolume Problems Involving Only Relationships
Defining Terms WeightVolume Problems

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