Plane Table Surveying

In this method of surveying a table top, similar to drawing board fitted on to a tripod is the main instrument. A drawing sheet is fixed on to the table top, the observations are made to the objects, distances are scaled down and the objects are plotted in the field itself. Since the plotting is made in the field itself, there is no chance of omitting any necessary measurement in this surveying. However the accuracy achieved in this type of surveying is less. Hence this type of surveying is used for filling up details between the survey stations previously fixed by other methods.
In this chapter, accessories required, working operations and methods of plane table surveying are explained. At the end advantages and limitations of this method are listed.

4.1 Plane Table and its Accessories
4.2 Working Operations
4.3 Methods of Plane Tabling
4.4 Errors in Plane Table Surveying
4.5 Advantages and Limitations of Plane Table Survey

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