Fabrication and Erection

Designers of steel-framed structures should be familiar not only with strength and serviceability requirements for the structures but also with fabrication and erection methods. These may determine whether a design is practical and cost-efficient. Furthermore, load capacity and stability of a structure may depend on design assumptions made as to type and magnitude of stresses and strains induced during fabrication and erection.

2.1. Shop Detail Drawings
2.2. Cutting, Shearing, and Sawing
2.3. Punching and Drilling
2.4. CNC Machines
2.5. Bolting
2.6. Welding
2.7. Camber
2.8. Shop Preassembly
2.9. Rolled Sections
2.10. Built-Up Sections
2.11. Cleaning and Painting
2.12. Fabrication Tolerances
2.13. Erection Equipment
2.14. Erection Methods for Buildings
2.15. Erection Procedure for Bridges
2.16. Field Tolerances
2.17. Safety Concerns

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