Seismic microzonation of territory

Seismic microzonation (SMZ) actually is final stage of seismic hazard assessment. SMZ results are direct foundation for earthquake-proof construction. In the process of seismic microzonation sites with etalon ground conditions corresponding to specified seismic hazard level are specified. In Russia grounds with mean seismic properties for given

territory are traditionally referred as etalon ground conditions. Usually these are soils with shear wave velocity of 250700 m/s [SP 14.13330.2011]. In Georgia, for example, in dependence of specific engineering-geological situation etalon grounds in their seismic properties can be worst or mean for given territory. In USA firm rock grounds are referred as etalon. Seismic microzonation consists in intensity increments calculation caused by
differences in ground conditions. Works on seismic microzonation are realized by instrumental and calculational methods.


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