Central Station Supervisory Systems

Any mechanical device or system is more reliable if it is supervised or monitored.
Sprinkler systems are designed to be rugged and dependable as shown by their impressive performance record; however, reliability improves where systems are monitored by an approved central-station supervisory service for valve position (open or closed) and water flow switch status.
A central station monitors the equipment specified by the engineer and provided??by the contractor and transmits appropriate signals over leased telephone lines or other approved methods, to a constantly attended location. When a signal is received at the central station, no matter what hour, the fire department and any other preestablished emergency contacts are summoned. When notification of a closed valve is provided, the building owner or other acceptable contact should investigate, but notification of water flow should always result in fire department dispatch.
Monitoring services are available across the country and are arranged by contract, usually with an installation charge and a monthly maintenance fee. Requirements for such systems are in NFPA 72, National Fire Alarm Code. Where no such service is available, a local or proprietary substitute can be provided.

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