These are devices installed to separate grease, oil, sand, and other undesirable matter from the wastewater and retain them, while permitting normal liquid wastes to discharge to the sewer.
Grease interceptors are used for kitchens, cafeterias, restaurants, and similar establishments where the amount of grease discharged might obstruct the pipe or interfere with disposal of the wastewater. Oil separators are used where flammable liquids or oils might be discharged to the sewer. Sand interceptors are used to remove sand or other solids from the wastewater before it enters the building sewer.
They are provided with large clean-outs for easy removal of accumulated solids.
Other types of applications in which interceptors are usually required include laundries, beverage-bottling firms, slaughterhouses, and food-manufacturing establishments.
The local authorities should be contacted to determine applicable local code or municipal regulations.

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