Disaster Mitigation

Disaster mitigation means minimizing the painfulness which occur due to disaster. After the disaster the people face the following problems:

1. Shelters are completely or partially damaged
2. Food is not available when required
3. Drinking water shortage is felt.
4. Diseases spread.
5. Communication systems are affected.

To mitigate the misery of the affected people the following steps are to be taken:
1. Provide temporary accommodation with water supply, sanitary and electricity facilities.
2. Extend manpower, material and financial assistance to repair/build their houses.
3. During the expected period of cyclones and floods, store up at least seven day stock of essential food articles, medicines and water supply.
4. Continue to listen to warning bulleting and keep in touch with local officials.
5. Be ready to evacuate people to places of safety when advised.
6. Remove damaged and decayed parts of trees to make them resist wind and reduce the potential for damage.
7. Before cyclone season starts carry out all necessary repairs to the building.
8. Keep valuables and documents in containers which cannot be damaged by water.
9. Talk to children and explain about cyclone/floor. Remain calm.
10. Fishermen are advised not to venture into the sea during cyclone warning period.
11. Avoid taking shelter near old and damaged building or near trees.
12. Do not touch power lines.

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