I.S: Codes on Earthquake Resistant Building Design

After observing Indian earthquakes for several years Bureau of Indian Standard has divided the country into five zones depending upon the severity of earthquake. IS 1893-1984 shows the various zones. The following IS codes will be of great importance for the design engineers:
IS 18932002: Criteria for Earthquake Resistant Design of Structures (5th revision).
IS 49281993: Code of practice for Earthquake Resistant Design and Construction of Buildings.
(2nd revision).
IS 138271992: Guidelines for Improving Earthquake Resistance of Low Strength Masonary Building.
IS: 139201997: Code of practice for Ductile Detailing of Reinforced Concrete Structures
Subjected to Seismic Forces.
IS: 139351993: Guidelines for Repair and Seismic Strengthening of Buildings.

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