Approach to Cost Effective Mass Housing Schemes

The following steps are required to solve accute shortage of reasonable low cost houses:

1. Development of Sites: Government and government agencies should identify suitable sites for developing sites for low cost houses. The sites should be provided with water supply, sanitation, roads, street lighting and public transport facility. The area should be provided with shopping, education and health services to suit socio-economical, cultural and environmental conditions.

2. Financial Assistance: Poor people should be given financial assistance in the form of grant and cheap loan to build the low cost houses.

3. Construct Model Low Cost Houses: Few model low cost houses should be built to show the technology of building low cost houses.

4. Self Help Schemes: Low income people are capable of helping themselves in building shelter at acceptable cost. Self help housing programmes consists of motivating the beneficiaries, extending technical know how and skilled worker required for some works.

5. Skeleton Housing: Technical know how for building skeleton of housing should be made known to beneficiary. They should be allowed to make certain changes and improvements in final finishing to suit their financial position and taste.

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