Minimum Standards

It is obvious that cost of construction is directly proportional to the area covered. In low cost housing economy in the construction is a vital factor, but one should not lose sight of the fact that any economies effected are not worth, if the minimum requirements of basic physical comfort in the dwellings are not met. In order to meet these twin requirements of economy and comfort, one has to depend to the maximum extent on the cost effective construction technology to provide minimum standard accommodation. On the recommendations of the planning commission, the Government of India has adopted the following minimum standards:

1. A living room 11.1 m2
2. A varandah and kitchen 6.5 m2
3. A bathroom 1.3 m2
4. A Lavatory 1.1 m2
TOTAL: 20.0 m2
Figure 10.1 shows typical plans for low cost passing.

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