Usual powers delegated to the resident engineer

The usual powers and duties delegated to the resident engineer under the ICE conditions may contain most or all of the following:
Agreeing details of methods of construction; checking that appropriate instructions are given and any information required by the contractor is supplied in good time.
Ensuring that all materials and items to be supplied by the employer under other contracts which are to be incorporated in the works are ordered in good time.
Checking that materials and workmanship are satisfactory and as specified;
issuing instructions for remedying faults therein.
Checking lines, levels, layout, etc. of the works to ensure conformity with the drawings.
Issuing further instructions, drawings and clarifications of detail as are necessary to ensure satisfactory construction of the works.
Measuring the amount of work done, checking the contractors interim statements and preparing them for submission to the engineer.
Undertaking all tests required and keeping records thereof.
Recording progress in detail; keeping a check on the estimated final total cost of the project.

Examining all claims from the contractor, preparing data relevant to such claims, sending to the contractor an initial response to every such claim.
Reviewing dayworks sheets, increase of prices, and all other matters requiring accountancy checking.
Checking the design of contractors temporary works for compliance with safety regulations and satisfactory construction of permanent works.
Acting as the engineers Safety Supervisor on site (see Section 9.6).
Reporting on all the foregoing to the engineer in the form he requires.

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