Properties of Timber

Properties of good timbers are:
Colour: It should be uniform.
Odour: It should be pleasant when cut freshly.
Soundness: A clear ringing sound when struck indicates the timber is good.
Texture: Texture of good timber is fine and even.
Grains: In good timber grains are close.
Density: Higher the density stronger is the timber.
Hardness: Harder timbers are strong and durable.
Warping: Good timber do not warp under changing environmental conditions.
Toughness: Timber should be capable of resisting shock loads.
Abrasion: Good timber do not deteriorate due to wear. This property should be looked into, if timber is to be used for flooring.
Strength: Timber should have high strength in bending, shear and direct compression.
Modulus of Elasticity: Timber with higher modulus of elasticity are preferred in construction.
Fire resistance: A good timber should have high resistance to fire.
Permeability: Good timber has low water permeability.
Workability: Timber should be easily workable. It should not clog the saw.
Durability: Good timber is one which is capable of resisting the action of fungi and insects attack Defects: Good timber is free from defects like dead knots, shakes and cracks.

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