Site roads

A contractor who pays insufficient attention to the right construction of site haulage roads runs the risk the road will begin to break up and cause delay just at some crucial time of construction, such as when autumn rains begin and the contractor is hoping to get filling finished before the heavier rainfall of winter occurs and delays construction. Pushing hardcore into the worst patches is no real solution, and more troubles come when haulage lorries get bogged down  in the road or break a half shaft. For heavy construction traffic, a road must be thick enough; have deep drainage ditches either side; be made from good interlocking  angular large material at the base and similar smaller material above;

and be formed to a camber or crossfall which sheds rainwater. Poor construction is more liable to occur on flat ground where the temptation is strong not to dig out more than seems necessary, and not to dig deep enough side ditches to keep the road construction dry. But once the proper precautions are taken the road will stand up and need little more than re-grading and rolling from time to time to keep the surface in good condition and able to shed rainwater.

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