Copper and nickel are alloyed in a variety of compositions of which the highcopper alloys are called the cupronickels. Typical commercial types of cupronickel contain 10 or 30% nickel (Table 4.15):
Cupronickel, 10% (88.5% copper, 10% nickel, 1.5% iron). Recommended for applications requiring corrosion resistance, especially to salt water, as in tubing for condensers, heat exchangers, and formed sheets.
Cupronickel, 30% (70.0% copper, 30.0% nickel). Typical uses are condenser tubes and plates, tanks, vats, vessels, process equipment, automotive parts, meters, refrigerator pump valves. General properties are high strength and ductility and resistance to corrosion and erosion. Color: white-silver.

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