Special Fasteners for Cold-Formed Steel

Special fasteners, such as tubular rivets, blind rivets (capable of being driven from one side only), special bolts used for blind insertion, special studs, lock nuts, and the like, and even metal stitching, which is an outgrowth of the common office stapling device for paper, are used for special applications. When such a fastener is required, refer to manufacturers catalogs for design information, and base any structural strength attributed to the fastener on the results of carefully made tests or the manufacturers recommendations.

Steel roof deck consists of ribbed sheets with nesting or upstanding-seam joints designed for the support of roof loads between purlins or frames. A typical roof  deck assembly is shown in Fig. 8.13. The Steel Deck Institute, P.O. Box 25, Fox River Grove, IL 60021, has developed much useful information on steel roof deck.

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