Setting up the clerical work

It will be necessary to set up a system for the handling of correspondence, measurement of quantities and checking of contractors interim payment applications, and for log sheets of all technical data. Details of what is required  are set out in Chapter 13. Aword processor and a copying machine will be an essential part of the equipment required. To check the contractors interim payment application a print-out calculator, as used by accountants, is useful.

This prints out the figures added so that checking for arithmetic errors is made easier.
Petty cash must not be forgotten, and the recipe is enough but no more because of the risk of break-ins and theft. Petty cash never seems to balance (whatever accountants say) when the sum total of what it should be comprises a miscellany of stamps, a variety of small change, some crumpled notes, a bunch of folded receipts, and list of expenditure in practically everybodys handwriting. Adeficit one week can become a surplus the next, and vice versa.
If a deficit persists there is probably no criminal reason for it save human forgetfulness and should the resident engineer make it up from his own pocket he will perceive the wisdom of not having too much petty cash.

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