Other records

A job completion report may be of significant value, both for publicity purposes and for logging down experiences that can be of value later. The salient facts about the project should be listed client; description of works; purpose, sizes and outputs; designers and contractors involved; dates started and finished; budgeted cost, final cost and chief reasons for any difference; date of opening ceremony, etc. Ashort report should be attached of any significant technical problems encountered and how they were overcome. The report
should concentrate on such matters that, from experience, can form useful guidance for future designers and those who draw up contracts.
The RE will save himself much later time and trouble if, as soon as any equipment arrives, he takes charge of the drawings and instruction manuals for it and asks the manufacturer for two more copies of them or gets them copied locally. They are of importance to the employer and should be collated in some orderly fashion.
A file should be made listing the names and addresses of all equipment suppliers, and of the suppliers of key materials used in the works, such as ceramic tiles, facing bricks, cladding, etc. The file should give details of what was supplied and the date it was ordered. A copy of this file should be given to the employer for whom it will be valuable when it is necessary to repair or replace items, or if performance problems occur. Instruction manuals and plant test data, such as performance curves of pumps, turbines and motors, should all be collected, and two sets of each should be obtained to supply to the employer.
An essential requirement for works in the UK is production of a Health and Safety File (see Section 10.4) at completion of the work. This file is to be handed over to the client to ensure that information is available to him on any hazards which may affect anyone doing maintenance work or future construction work. Under the CDM regulations the planning supervisor is responsible for ensuring that the file is produced but input will be required from all concerned and it may fall to the RE to ensure that the various contractors involved produce relevant information at completion of the job.

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