Bearing capacity problem example 7

A rectangular footing of size 10 x 20 ft is founded at a depth of 6 ft below the ground level in a cohesive soil (0 = 0) which fails by general shear. Given: ysal =114 lb/ft3, c = 945 lb/ft2. The water table is close to the ground surface.
Determine q , q and qna by
(a) Terzaghi’s method, and
(b) Skempton’s method. Use Fv = 3.
(a) Terzaghi’s method
Terzaghi's method solution
(b) Skempton’s method
From Eqs. (12.22a) and (12.22d) we may write
Skempton's method solution
Note: Terzaghi’s and Skempton’s values are in close agreement for cohesive soils

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  1. Rectangular footing considered to support the column loading as shown below
    a. Proportion footing
    b. Design the rectangular footing
    Use c_25

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