Scheduling and Personnel Assignments

The effective coordination of any project relies on managements ability to organize the project into a series of discreet efforts, with deadlines and milestones identified in advance. The interdependence of these milestones should be clearly understood by the client and the project team so that the project can be structured yet still be flexible to respond to changes and unforeseen delays without suffering in overall coordination and completion.
Experience is the basis on which architects and engineers establish major project milestones that form the framework for project development. The critical path method (CPM) of scheduling can be used to confirm intermediate milestones corresponding to necessary review and approvals, program and budget reconciliation, and interdisciplinary coordination. CPM consultants can also assist contractors in establishing overall shop drawings and fabrication and installation schedules for efficient phasing and coordination of construction. Schedules can be maintained in a project management computer database. They should be updated on a regular basis for the duration of the project, since critical path items change from time to time depending on actual progress of construction. See also Art. 2.9.

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