Joint Seals Bibliography

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Protective and decorative coatings generally employed in building are the following:
Oil Paint. Drying-oil vehicles or binders plus opaque and extender pigments.
Water Paint. Pigments plus vehicles based on water, casein, protein, oil emulsions, and rubber or resin latexes, separately or in combination.
Calcimine. Water and glue, with or without casein, plus powdered calcium carbonate and any desired colored pigments.
Varnish. Transparent combination of drying oil and natural or synthetic resins.
Enamel. Varnish vehicle plus pigments.
Lacquer. Synthetic-resin film former, usually nitrocellulose, plus plasticizers, volatile solvents, and other resins.
Shellac. Exudations of the lac insect, dissolved in alcohol.
Japan. Solutions of metallic salts in drying oils, or varnishes containing asphalt and opaque pigments.
Aluminum Paint. Fine metallic aluminum flakes suspended in drying oil plus resin, or in nitrocellulose.

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