At the Placing Point-Slump Adjustments

With good quality control, no water is permitted on the mixing truck. If the slump is too low (or too high) on arrival at the site, additional cement must be added. If the slump is too low (the usual complaint), additional water and cement in the prescribed water-cementitious materials ratio can also be added. After such additions, the contents must be thoroughly mixed, 2 to 3 min at high speed. Because placing-point adjustments are inconvenient and costly, telephone or radio communication with the supply plant is desirable so that most such adjustments may be made conveniently at the plant.
Commonly, a lesser degree of control is accepted in which the truck carries water, the driver is on the honor system not to add water without written authorization from a responsible agent at the site, and the authorization as well as the amounts added are recorded on the record (trip ticket) of batch weights.
Note: If site adjustments are made, test samples for strength-test specimens should be taken only after all site adjustments. For concrete in critical areas, such as lower-floor columns in high-rise buildings, strictest quality control is recommended.

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