Compression Members

Compression members should be configured so the main elements of the section are connected directly to the gusset plates, pins, or other members.
For members consisting of parts connected by lacing or solid cover plates, the minimum thickness of the web plate, should not be less than:

Outstanding Elements In Compression
The width, in, of the outstanding elements of compression members should not exceed the following values expressed in terms of the element thickness, t, in, and the material yield point, Fy , psi.
Legs of angles or flanges of beams or tees:

The width of the plate element should be taken as the distance from the free edge to the center of the first line of fasteners or welds. Angle legs and tee stems should be taken as the full nominal dimension. The flange of beams and tees should be measured from the free edge to the toe of the fillet. If the projecting element exceeds the above width but could be made to conform if a part of its width were considered removed, and if that reduced section would be satisfactory for stress requirements, the element should be considered acceptable.

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