Filing system for dayworks sheets

On a large job there may be a thousand or more dayworks sheets. It is, therefore, essential to set up a filing system to handle them. The following files will be necessary:
DW1 Dayworks sheets: New/To be dealt with.
DW2 Dayworks sheets: Checked/Pending signature.
DW3 Dayworks sheets: Signed and Returned to Contractor.
DW4 Dayworks sheets: Rejected and Returned to Contractor.
DW5 Resubmitted Dayworks sheets: Pending.
Arrangements should be made with the contractor for all dayworks sheets to be numbered consecutively, and all sheets must be submitted in duplicate.
An exact copy of every sheet returned to the contractor must be kept, showing corrections and comments made on the sheet. Such sheets must be signed and dated by the RE. Care should be taken to ensure that sheets are filed as soon as they come in so none are lost. Comments can be written on a sheet returned; or on a signed note stapled to it, provided a copy is kept (one reason for a copying machine on site). It is too time-consuming to write letters to the contractor about dayworks sheets.
If the contractor maintains a dispute over a dayworks sheet after the RE has given his final decision on it, the contractor must be told to treat it as a claim and give it a claim number.
The file DW5 for Resubmitted sheets: Pending is for sheets returned by the contractor because he disputes a correction or rejection made by the RE. These sheets eventually end in Files DW3 or DW4 after being dealt with a second time by the RE. Alternatively the RE may, in such a case, send a letter to the contractor stating why his previous decision stands.
The problem of handling dayworks sheets submitted For record purposes only called FRPO sheets is discussed in Section 17.7. The filing of these will depend on the policy adopted with respect to them by the RE after consultation



with the engineer. If the decision is not to return them to the contractor, only one file for them is needed, the REs factual findings and comments thereon being filed with each sheet. If some FRPO sheets are returned to the contractor after checking, two files will be necessary FRPO/1 for incoming sheets; and FRPO/2 for copies of sheets returned.

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