Site investigation

In parallel with other preliminary planning, investigation of the site is conducted at varying levels of detail. When several alternatives are still under consideration, the various potential sites will be studied from the standpoint of general soil conditions, topography, access and cost. As the options are narrowed, further detail will be developed on the preferred option or options. The geotechnical specialist will provide major input at this step. Soil conditions that influence foundation types must be identified. Environmental aspects of the site, including potential underground contaminants, wetland issues and endangered species must be studied. Site investigation also includes options for preserving existing vegetation and existing improvements, if any, various ways for accessing the site and interfacing with off-site traffic flow, flow of people and vehicles on site, availability of utilities and various security matters. In addition, property surveys may be needed to establish corners and boundaries and investigation into ownership records may be required to establish who owns title to the land and in what form. Additional investigation may be needed later; at this planning phase, the site studies are oriented toward providing sufficient information to assist with decisions about feasibility and selection.

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