Step-by-step seismic risk identification of bridge embankments

In order to facilitate the application of the proposed ranking methodology to prioritize bridge embankments, a complete flowchart has been generated. The flowchart provides a useful tool that promotes achieving the final goal of the study. The flowchart in its current form and sequences ensures a minimal effort from the engineer/researcher to apply the specified ranking methodology. Parameters of each embankment including its geometry, material, seismic event, upper level of bedrock, level of natural ground line, soil type, and anticipated failure types are taken into consideration during the development of the flowchart. All considerations, assumptions, calculations and required checks are arranged in a defined order in the flowchart. The loops of the flowchart, shown in Figure 3, allow relative ranking of bridge embankments. Titles are provided to identify the different sections of the flowchart including geometry, materials, seismic event, soil type, analysis, ranking parameters, category identification, and final ranking/prioritization. Notes to explain the steps of the methodology are numbered consecutively, listed in Table 4, and need to be considered along with the flowchart during the seismic risk prioritization of bridge embankments in a designated region.


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