Seismotectonical methods

Seismotectonical method was introduced in the end of 40th years of XX century by Gubin I.E. when investigate Garm region on the Pamirs – Tien Shan border. He connected earthquakes with discontinuous zones some tenth km wide. He wrote, that seismogenity degree is stable all over the zone, seismicity degree may be ascribed to other similar zones, if this structures, using geological data, are connected by mutual evolution process with equal intensity. This method (Gubin seismotectonics law) says, that in a given geological medium in the active structures of the same type and size, maximum earthquakes, originate from the rock displacement along the active rupture, have equal magnitudes and sources. Seismotectonical method accents on geological seismicity criterion  the velocity of young rupture displacement.

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