Seismostructural method

Seismostructural method developed in the mid-50s, by V. Belousov, A. Goriachev, I. Kirillova, B. Petrushevsky, I.A. Rezanov, A.A. Sorsky, but most fully reflected in works of B. Petrushevsky. Earthquakes associated with large structural complexes-blocks allocated by using the historical-structural analysis and discontinuous joints.
Large-scale analysis blocks allowed to associate with them (and the underlying faults) varied range of depths of earthquakes (most profound on the articulation of the Pacific with Eurasian and the American continents). Picture of the strong earthquakes focuses with different threedimensional structures of the Earth’s crust was further developed in the works of G.P. Gorshkov (Gorshkov, 1984). However, this promising direction needs to be fleshed out.

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