Seismogeological method

Using the first epicentral zone investigation in the end of XIX and beginning of XX centuries Abich G. and Lagorio A.E. find out the dependence between earthquake and tectonic structures. Mushketov I.V. writing about Vern earthquake 1887 year, told that Turkestan earthquake is connected with discontinuous disturbance (Mushketov , 1889). He wrote earthquakes culminate on the boundary of the most huge and new disturbance (Mushketov, 1891). Besides, he wrote that some groups of earthquakes are connected with lines, transversal to common stretch of rugosity, e.g. connected them with transversal structures in modern terminology. K.I. Bogdanovich analyzing Kebi earthquake (1911) consequences in the North Tien Shan, introduced new term seismotectonic element, and for the first time proved the seismic shock migration inside seism active zone.
So, seismogeological method was able to connect strong earthquakes with tectonic structures. Those bonds later were named as geological seismicity criterion and were used in other methods.

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