Plans and Maps

As stated in the definition of surveying the objective of measurements is to show relative positions of various objects on paper. Such representations on paper is called plan or map. A plan may be defined as the graphical representation of the features on, near or below the surface of the earth as projected on a horizontal plane to a suitable scale.
However, since the surface of the earth is curved and that of the paper is plane, no part of the earth can be represented on such maps without distortion. If the area to be represented is small, the distortion is less and large scale can be used. Such representations are called plans. If the area to be represented is large, small, scales are to be used and distortion is large. Representation of larger areas are called maps. Representation of a particular locality in a municipal area is a plan while representation of a state/country is a map. There is no exact demarcation between a plan and map.

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