Types of Super Structures Based on the Method of Load Transfer

On this basis there are two types
1. Load Bearing Structures
2. Framed Structures.
1. Load Bearing Structures: In this type of structure the load on the structure is transferred vertically downward through walls. Loads from roof and floors gets transferred to wall and then wall has to transfer these loads as well as self weight. Such constructions are used in residential buildings where dimension of rooms is less. Residential buildings up to ground + 2 floors can be built economically with such structures.
2. Framed Structures: In this type of structures a frame work of columns, beams and floors are built first. Then walls are built to partion the living area. The walls are subjected to selfweight only. This type of super structures are required when number of stories in a building is more and also when larger areas are to be covered free from walls. Table 8.1 shows the comparison between R.C.C. framed structures and load bearning structures.


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