The Construction (Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1996

the implementation into UK law of EC Directive 92/57/EEC referred to in Section 10.2 above, and replaced many previous regulations. They address specifically the following:
safe places of work;
prevention of falls;
falls through fragile material;
falling materials or objects;
the stability of structures;
demolition and dismantling work;
cofferdams and caissons;
prevention of drowning;
traffic routes, doors and gates;
plant and equipment;
the prevention of fire and flooding;
emergency routes and exits;
emergency procedures;
fire detection and fire fighting;
welfare facilities;
fresh air;
temperature and weather protection;
site tidiness, good order, site demarcation.
They apply to all construction works and also deal with the practicalities of work on site rather than the management issues covered by CDM. Guidance on the 1996 Regulations and other legislation is published in Health and Safety in Construction (HSG 150) which is recommended reading for engineers before they visit site for the first time.

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