Photographic records of the project can be invaluable and their cost is small relative to their worth. The following list shows the type of photographs that can prove useful:
Photographs before any work is undertaken:
of the site generally (e.g. picture views, etc.);
of any buildings to be demolished;
of the condition of any adjacent buildings liable to be affected by the
views of access tracks and public roads to be used by contractor, plus close-up photos of surfaces of public roads before use.
Monthly progress photographs of the work during construction.
Photos of technical matters (such as the nature of foundation material, etc. covered up) which need recording.
Photos to illustrate any problem that has occurred on site and which needs to be reported to the engineer for comment or advice.
Photos of the completed works; particularly after all rubbish has been cleared away.
It is essential that all prints are marked on the back indicating the job, the feature shown, date taken, and the negative reference. Filing of photos is not easy: the classification above is a starting point. Over-large albums should be avoided since they often do not fit in standard shelving: ultimate box-file storage is usually most practicable.

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