Metal Roof Deck

Steel-framed buildings often utilize a roof deck composed simply of metal deck. When properly sloped for drainage, the metal deck itself

Cast-in-Place Concrete Slabs

Use of cast-in-place concrete for floor decks in steel-framed construction is a traditional approach that was much more prevalent prior to

Precast-Concrete Plank

This is another type of floor deck that is used with steel-framed construction (Fig. 8.7). The plank is prefabricated in

Concrete Fill on Metal Deck

The most prevalent type of floor deck used with steel frames is concrete fill on metal deck. The metal deck consists

Fire Protection

Building codes play a dominant role in defining the level of fire protection that is expected by society. Typically, fire protection

Cable Construction

Cables, more commonly referred to as wire rope, are sometimes used in buildings to support long-span roofs, to suspend floorbeams from

Hollow Structural Sections

Design criteria for round and rectangular hollow structural sections (HSS) used as structural members in buildings is given by AISC

Plastic Design

Structural steel members often have considerable reserve load-carrying capacity after yielding occurs, e.g., at the outer surfaces of a beam. For

Built-Up Tension Members

The design strength and allowable stresses for prismatic built-up members subjected to axial tension by static forces are the same

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