Design Steps for Unreinforced Shear Walls

Unreinforced masonry shear walls must be designed for the effects of
1. Gravity loads from self-weight, plus gravity loads from overlying roof or floor levels
2. Moments and shears from in-plane shear loads
Actions are shown in Fig. 5.20. Either allowable-stress design or strength design can be used.

When strength design is used, the 2008 MSJC Code requires that maximum tensile stresses from in-plane flexure, alone or in combination with axial loads, not exceed the in-plane modulus of rupture from Table 5.1 (Table of the 2008 MSJC Code).

Shear must also be checked. From Sec. 3.2.4 of the 2008 MSJC Code, for hollow units in running bond, nominal shear strength is the least of

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