Code analysis

Building codes, fire codes, plumbing codes, electrical codes and a number of other codes and regulations may apply to the project being planned. During the planning stage, it is important that all alternatives under consideration can be made to comply with these documents. Thus, a code analysis will be required. Are there restrictions on the number of storeys the building can contain? What earthquake loadings apply to our bridge design and can the materials under consideration be used in this earthquake zone? How many elevators and stairways are required in our elementary school? Will a sprinkler system be required for fire suppression? Do zoning regulations allow an oil pipeline in this neighbourhood? What lot setback requirements are in effect for a manufacturing facility in this area? The answers to questions such as these are available in codified form and through discussions with enforcement personnel if clarification is needed. The answers will impact on the various alternatives as they emerge from the planning process and will thus influence the estimated costs of each.

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