Planning Suitable Orientation

Orientation means setting out the plan of the building with respect to north-south and east-west directions to provide an opportunity to user to enjoy sun-shine and breeze when required and to avoid the same whenever not required. This is also known as planning the aspect of a building. Aspect means arrangement of doors, windows in the external wall to make good use of nature. This term has nothing to do with the architectural aspect of outlook of building. Kitchen should have eastern aspect to enjoy morning sunshine, means, kitchen should be located on the eastern side of the building to make use of morning sun rays.

The following are the required aspects for various parts of the building in the northern hemisphere of earth:

(a) Kitcheneastern aspect.
(b) Dining roomsouthern aspect to enjoy winter sun.
(c) Drawing and living roomsouthern or south-eastern aspect to enjoy winter sun.
(d) Bed roomswestern or south-western aspect to enjoy breez in summer.
(e) Reading room, class room, stairs, northern aspect to enjoy diffused light.

The following suggestions should be kept in mind in the orientation of a building in India:

(a) Place long walls towards north-south and short walls in east-west directions so as to reduce the area exposed to direct sun rays.
(b) Provide verandah and balcony on east and west.
(c) Provide chejjas on doors and windows on southern side to protect them from suns rays.

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