Window Definitions

Bar. Either vertical or horizontal member that extends the full height or width of the glass opening.
Blind Stop. A thin strip of wood machined so as to fit the exterior vertical edge of the pulley stile or jamb and keep the sash in place.
Casing. Molding of various widths and thicknesses used to trim window openings.

Check Rails. Meeting rails sufficiently thicker than the window to fill the opening between the top and bottom sash made by the check strip or parting strip in the frame. They are usually beveled and rabbeted.
Dado. A rectangular groove cut across the grain of a frame member.
Drip Cap. A molding placed on the top of the head casing of a window frame.
Extension Blind Stop. A molded piece, usually, of the same thickness as the blind stop, and tongued on one edge to engage a plow in the back edge of the blind stop, thus increasing its width and improving the weathertightness of the frame.
Frame. A group of wood parts so machined and assembled as to form an enclosure and support for a window or sash.
Jamb. Part of frame that surrounds and contacts the window or sash the frame is intended to support.
Side Jamb. The upright member forming the vertical side of the frame (Fig. 11.32).
Head Jamb. The horizontal member forming the top of the frame (Fig. 11.32).
Rabbeted Jamb. A jamb with a rectangular groove along one or both edges to receive a window or sash.
Jamb Liner. A small strip of wood, either surfaced four sides or tongued on one edge, when applied to the inside edge of a jamb, increases its width for use in thicker walls.
Between Glass. Distance across the face of any wood part that separates two sheets of glass.
Face Measure. Distance across the face of any wood part, exclusive of any solid mold or rabbet.
Finished Size. Dimension of any wood part overall, including the solid mold or rabbet.
Wood Allowance. The difference between the outside opening and the total glass measurement of a given window or sash.
Muntin. Any short light bar, either vertical or horizontal.
Parting Stop. A thin strip of wood let into the jamb of a window frame to separate the sash.
Pulley Stile. A side jamb into which a pulley is fixed and along which the sash slides.
Rails. Cross, or horizontal, pieces of the framework of a sash or screen.
Sash. A single assembly of stiles and rails made into a frame for holding glass,
with or without dividing bars. It may be supplied either open or glazed.
Sill. The horizontal member forming the bottom of the frame (Fig. 11.32). Stiles.
Upright, or vertical, outside pieces of a sash or screen.
Window. One or more single sash made to fill a given opening. It may be supplied either open or glazed.
Window Unit. A combination of window frame, window, weather strip, balancing device, and at the option of the manufacturer, screen and storm sash, assembled as a complete and properly operating unit.

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