Welded-Wire Fabric (WWF)

Welded-wire fabric is an orthogonal grid made with two kinds of cold-drawn wire:
plain or deformed. The wires can be spaced in each direction of the grid as desired, but for buildings, usually at 12 in maximum. Sizes of wires available in each type, with standard and former designations, are shown in Table 9.6.
Welded-wire fabric usually is designated WWF on drawings. Sizes of WWF are designated by spacing followed by wire sizes; for example, WWF 6 x 12, W12/ W8, which indicates plain wires, size W12, spaced at 6 in, and size W8, spaced at 12 in. WWF 6  x 12, D-12/D-8 indicated deformed wires of the same nominal size and spacing.
All WWF can be designed for Grade 60 material. Wire and welded-wire fabric are produced to conform with the following ASTM standard specifications:
ASTM A82, Plain Wire
ASTM A496, Deformed Wire
ASTM A185, Plain Wire, WWF
ASTM A497, Deformed Wire, WWF
Epoxy-coated wire and welded wire fabric are covered by the ASTM specification A884/A884M. Applications of epoxy-coated wire and WWF include use as corrosion-protection systems in reinforced concrete structures and reinforcement in reinforced-earth construction, such as mechanically-stabilized embankments.

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