Systems Design by Team

For efficient and successful execution of systems, design of buildings, a design organization superior to that used for traditional design (Art. 1.3) is highly desirable.
For systems design, the various specialists required should form a building team, to contribute their skills in concert.
One reason why the specialists should work closely together is that in systems design account must be taken of the effects of each component on the performance of the building and of the interaction of building components. Another reason is that for cost effectiveness, unnecessary components should be eliminated and, where possible, two or more components should be combined. When the components are the responsibility of different specialists, these tasks can be accomplished with facility only when the specialists are in direct and immediate communication.
In addition to the design consultants required for traditional design, the building team should be staffed with value engineers, cost estimators, construction experts, and building operators and users experienced in operation of the type of building to be constructed. Because of the diversity of skills present on such a team, it is highly probable that all ramifications of a decision will be considered and chances for mistakes and omissions will be reduced.

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