Properties of Nickel and Its Alloys

Nickel is resistant to alkaline corrosion under nonoxidizing conditions but is corroded by oxidizing acids and oxidizing salts. It is resistant to fatty acids, other mildly acid conditions, such as food processing and beverages, and resists oxidation at temperatures as high as 1600F.
Monel is widely used in kitchen equipment. It is better than nickel in reducing conditions like warm unaerated acids, and better than copper under oxidizing conditions, such as aerated acids, alkalies, and salt solutions. It is widely used for handling chlorides of many kinds.
Inconel is almost completely resistant to corrosion by food products, pharmaceuticals, biologicals, and dilute organic acids. It is superior to nickel and Monel in resisting oxidizing acid salts like chromates and nitrates but is not resistant to ferric, cupric, or mercuric chlorides. It resists scaling and oxidation in air and furnace atmospheres at temperatures up to 2000F.

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